December 9, 2009

Inventors, New Product Innovators, and Revolutionary New Processes

We have successfully built millions in new sales for companies and licensing partners. We are seeking ideas, intellectual property, and processes that will benefit retailers, food production, and the marketing of consumer products. Yes, we are rolling out the red carpet to your idea or invention that will benefit retailing and distribution industry. Below areas provide a framework for what we are looking for in your innovative concept, idea, or product. PRODUCTS – ready to commercialize products that fit into current retail categories, extensions for name brand products, or creators of new product categories. PACKAGING – communicates value and freshness to consumers and improves the brand experience for consumers. PROCESSES – new processing ideas and capabilities that will a companies products or drive new product innovation. TECHNOLOGIES – methods of improving products or how they are produced. Several ideas that might prove valuable include, shelf-life extension, ‘clean’ ingredient statements, cooking processes, reduce cook times, freshness, ease of preparation, ease of consumer experience, and better manufacturing practices. We will discuss next steps in taking your product through the process to implementation. My contacts in the food world are interested in licensing, purchasing, and buying the right ideas that will provide them a material advantage over their competitors. Lets discuss now! Email me at tim@timforrest also, follow me on Twitter I want to take your idea or invention to the next level with some of the largest companies in the world.
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