January 13, 2010

Use Census Data to Maximize Growth!

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I learned to love census data in the Caribbean!  It was 1997 and a friend asked me to assist and consult with opening a food distribution business in the Caribbean and I jumped at the chance to combine work with my love of water and the beach.  Quickly, I realized the serious potential as the business grew and we were able to land contracts with some of the largest restaurants and retailers in the region for massive amounts of products.  My link to populations is on next page, read more.

The opportunity lies in the dense populations and tourists visiting the islands.  In particular, some of the islands are actually some of the most densely populated areas on earth!  Check the population and demographics for yourself and see the incredible opportunity.  In the Caribbean there are islands with larger populations than most of the States in the US.  Yes, there are 30+ states with less population than islands in the Caribbean which totally blew me away! 

Demographics and Populations of regions and areas should play into your planning and growth actions for your food company.  The US Census Bureau is a fantastic resource and you can also use my city listing spreadsheet for your planning purposes: Cities with greater than 100,000 USA Census

My travels to the Caribbean were always special and the financial rewards were very appealing.

I learned much from my travels there and working in such a far off area.  I plan on sharing in other posts some ot the valuable lessons learned working and shipping product to such a remote area.

The photos are courtesy of my cousin Richard Sheehan and you can see more of his work on flikr Portfolio Link Here!

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