December 14, 2009

5 Tips on Ways to Sell Your Food Products!

1. Offer a cooking class and use it to sell—do it in-store if they have the facilities and promote and offer up your products to sell. 2. Partner with another business and sell each other’s products or services. If you’re a caterer, for example, join forces with a wedding planner. 3. Use your Web site as a marketing tool. Sell your food items directly on the site or use the site to educate customers about your product or service and where to purchase. Your website should have a slightly higher retail or the same retail as your stores retail. 4. Test coupons—in the Yellow Pages, in your local newspaper, or on your web site. Or, participate in a cooperative direct mail program like those offered by Val-Pak, Carol Wright, and other advertisers in your market area of stores. You can even test in specific zipcodes near certain retailers. 5. Fundraising – assist your church or group raise money with your food product. What are you doing to grow your business? Send me a note or comments to also, follow me on Twitter I want to hear about your success!
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