October 1, 2009

Mobile Kitchen Rental for the Northeast and Florida

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Recently, I assisted a client open their first location using a Mobile Kitchen. Mobile Kitchens offer so much opportunity for food companies!

Events get your products into the hands of 1000's of consumers in a very cost effective, fast, often fun, format. Music events, fairs, and sporting events can provide inexpensive 'paid sampling' for your company and products. Also, these events can generate cash for your company if you attend the right event with the right products. There are companies if you want to get started and test your idea or have need for a Mobile Kitchen Rental without purchasing and outfitting an entire trailer. Also, Mobile Kitchen Rentals can get you set-up for special events and catering opportunities. Their phone number is (973) 754-9502 and you can visit their site at this link

Mobile Kitchen Rentals - Everything you need in a temporary kitchen.

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