September 27, 2009

QVC item placement and success!

QVC's reach into 90 million homes generates much of the excitement and interest for those hoping for a chance in the spotlight.
When you consider the 10’s of thousands of people that desire getting their products on QVC, it is an amazing story of how my clients have successfully gotten 9 items on-air with many more to come! The sell-outs we have experienced only heighten the exhilaration of all the exposure.
Such an amazing story at QVC when you consider that it all started with a goal 5 years ago to get one product on TV for a client. The work over time paid off and much of the QVC happenings of late began with negotiations and process in 2008.
QVC has been exciting! I do not want to forget about my other relationships and expertise having worked and developed programs for many of the largest retailers in the world. For instance, worldwide I have worked with the largest 9 of the top 14 food retailers in the grocery segment. On club I have worked with the largest Sams and Costco and foodservice if you can imagine I have also sold into the world’s largest restaurant chain – McDonalds. Other programs include opening the country of Saudi Arabia to Keebler Cookies and hiring an Arabic translator from Emory University.
If you have questions about my QVC experience send me a note
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