September 13, 2009

Letter from Site Visitor - "How do we turn things around at our restaurant?"

A restaurant operator asked for help in growing sales and profits in their business and I responded with the following advice:

Grow your extras and ticket add-ons! o Appetizers o Desserts o Carry Out o Weeknights o Drinks o Holiday Specials Sell more to your existing customer base is right on target for your restaurant! You will need to develop a set of tactics on each one of the above areas for plus sales and should be sufficient to have a major impact on your business if handled appropriately.

How are you doing with alcohol sales? How many food transactions per week? lunch? dinner? weekend?

For one restaurateur, we started their internet marketing by providing them with a visitor sign-up book and began capturing emails for email promotion campaigns.Once you begin collecting emails think about using this vehicle to increase frequency of visit, birthday specials, dessert offerings. and catering opportunities.

Do you have a facebook page for your restaurant? Use this page to begin to highlight wonderful HIGH MARGIN offerings, seasonal favorites, special programs, product tie-ins to customers, and promotions. Smiling pics of patrons enjoying themselves and parties!

Sampling – Tasting is paramount in the food business and if you think you have excellent quality food then you need to get it into potential customers mouths. This one tactic is the reason for my Nascar, MLBaseball, and NFL efforts on behalf of food companies. Any public event that draws your core customer base is an opportunity to offer samples of your products. Pick some of the best items on your menu that can easily travel and get yourself or an excellent spokesperson of the restaurant out to meet and greet at these off-property functions. This tactic worked great and we developed a simple kit of sample, package, and menu that was handed out to nearby neighbors primarily to drive lunch business.

Catering Doctors Offices – We developed a program for one restaurant group targeting pharmaceutical reps and their expense account for catered lunches that we delivered to various doctors offices.Who are the largest employers nearby and what are you doing to make it easy for them to enjoy lunch or to-go family dinners available? What churches are nearby for your possible catering solution for events?

Do you sell pizza? If yes, are you a member of and read you pre-registering for holiday parties?If you were in need of additional patrons I would suggest you pump-up your roadside marketing signage, sandwich boards, and other attention getters to get people to visit your location.Also, are you hosting outside organizations like civic, charities, and business groups in your local community?

Take action, review results, and take more action!

Much continued success.

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