September 27, 2009

Invest in your Business Growth!

The recovery is upon us and are you making the right investment choices? My growth consulting firm was started on a tight budget and where possible I used sweat equity to make things happen in the business. If there was a way to do something and save hiring or outsourcing, I would do it myself. If I could do something with no investment beyond my time and effort, I would. That is the mantra of so many entrepreneurs.
It turns out that paying for things can help your business too!
Are you searching and investing in ads that pay for themselves? Employees and interns that produce more than they cost are worth hiring. Offices that generate productivity, foot traffic, or revenue are probably worth paying. Computers and software that save you time and help generate new revenue are better investments now than ever.
In the internet world in which we’re living now, it is easy to get stuck on not investing, on avoiding expenses at all costs. Tight can be an admirable trait, but being a miser is dumb.
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