September 13, 2009

How can I start to market my families Pasta Sauce?

A reader asked how they can market their family pasta sauce.
There are plenty of free resources at just your situation.
Many of the larger co-packers will require hefty min runs and will force you to find a smaller gourmet packer that help you get started. They do exist and county extension and university programs can often direct you to the right sources.

State, FDA, and USDA guidelines, rules, and laws must be followed for your area in the USA.

The attached link will offer a quick overview for moving forward:

There are a couple in the Southeast that could do very small runs of a hundred cases but would advise you find someone in your region for your review and communication during the manufacturing process.
Most importantly, who are your customers and how will you market your products to them? When thinking about grocery stores, figure one store can generate about $300 per year in retail sales for your planning purposes. Look for specialty stores, shoppes, markets, farmers markets, and friends and family to get started.Good luck, much success, let me hear about your particular results with your food product!
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