April 18, 2009

Growing Your Brand!

It was fun this week meeting a new client at the airport near the beach. Generally, when a client arrives in their own jet it makes for an interesting and demanding day! A while back, the Supervalu team arrived and I was able to take a fun drive onto the runway to meet them and we had an awesome two days. We spent a great deal of time discussing markets, systems, and strategies to kick-start their new operation and brand. They have been doing a great job of taking action and seeing what will work and watching for and recording results. It requires energy and time to move forward with multiple marketing initiatives into seperate markets as your build your brand and they are doing it. During our day we discovered some interesting options and methods to grow the business - even in this economy that had not been in their prior planning. After the meeting, a client called and shared his business is booming and many of my clients can share the same great news! You must not hold back on taking action in your business, it is more important than ever that you make moves that will drive your business forward. We had Hungry Howies pizza and sandwiches delivered to the Airport and enjoyed the day!
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