March 1, 2009


“Having worked with Tim for almost two years, I can clearly and definitely recommend him as a professional services provider, and endorse him as an individual. Tim’s track record of success speaks for itself. The work he has contributed to our organization continues his long line of successful and highly satisfied working partnerships. When it comes to assessing a situation or an assignment, Tim brings experience, quick thinking, and an ability to bring effective, yet simple solutions for what is needed. He understands urgency and critical timing issues when they arise, yet also is mindful of budgetary considerations and other environmental necessities that always dictate navigation. Most importantly, I am personally always most impressed by people who do great work when times are difficult. It’s one thing to accomplish goals under ideal conditions. It’s a much more impressive and valuable skill to be highly effective when working under more difficult conditions. On more than one occasion, I’ve seen Tim’s great skill set shine very brightly under difficult and trying conditions. This is assuredly one measure that separates the great from the good, and is definitely a strong accolade in Tim’s impressive resume. It is a privilege to highly recommend Tim Forrest.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Steven Fox
CEO, Rosa’s Horchata
“I worked with Tim to create my 2009 Business plan. After implementing Tim's ideas and Strategies I achieved immediate results and nearly doubled my business over 2008. I highly recommend Tim if you a looking to grow your business, achieve market awareness and brand recognition for you product or service.”
Steve Nelson., Business Development Executive
“I have worked with Tim Forrest on a number of projects. He is very knowledgeable and diverse in many areas especially the Food Industry in all aspects from marketing to production. He is very resourceful no matter what stage you are in your business. He is very honest and dependable. He works with both large and small companies. He gets the job done and in a timely manner while keeping you informed throughout the process. I highly recommend Tim without reservation.” December 17, 2009
Kenya McRae , President and CEO , McRae's Foods
“Tim is a creative marketing strategy consultant with a laser focus on what will take my business to the next level. He clears the fog and keeps to the point. He has a deep background in market strategy, programming, distribution and packaging design that helps me distill my options down to dollars. His clarity and ideation has assisted me with my opportunities because he quickly and concisely analyses market opportunities in context and doesn't lose focus. Also, his willingness to help and dedication to a task is AMAZING and quite laudable. He recently made me a "Monday Morning Hero" by providing me with the impeccable market research over a weekend that I needed to be a winner. With his guidance, I have gone from fishing with a hook to a fishing with a net! He is a top performer for me. I give Tim Forrest my highest recommendation!”
Tom Schulte , CEO , Recalibrate Professional Development
“Tim's ability to get the right people together at the right opportunity under the right circumstances is astounding! I have never seen anyone who can promote like Tim. National airtime is just one of the advantages of working with him.” December 7, 2009
Brett Davis , President , 4th Vector, LLC
“Have received advice from Tim for our products, he has been an outstanding and reputable person in this industry and has vision for the business he has created and promoted.”
John Kalfayan , National Sales Manager , Mini Melts Premium Ice Cream
Doug Treadway
Cuzzy's Inc.
578-B Appleyard Drive
Tallahassee, FL  32304
January 20, 2010
Potential Clients of Tim Forrest
Dear Sir or Madam,
Tim Forrest is someone I hold in high regard. He has been a priceless resource to our business. Mr. Forrest has been a wealth of information and creative ideas. Cuzzy‘s Key West Products consults with Tim on all aspects of our endeavor.
Mr. Forrest came to me as a referral from a Vice President with one of most successful retailers who also spoke highly of his abilities to bring new food products to market.
Tim has worked in the food business his entire career rising from the loading docks to board rooms on both the selling and purchasing sides.
Tim is a serious and sober executive. Don’t be surprised when he orders a milkshake at a cocktail party! He will be able to give his expert advice at almost any time day or night.
Doug T.
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