March 18, 2009

Flavor of Georgia 2010 Winners!

The Governor announced Savannah Bee Company as the overall winner of the 2010 Flavor of Georgia contest for their Grill Honey with No Drip Pump. The contest focuses on the Agricultural Advisory Commission’s goal of entrepreneurship and rural development by showcasing the diversity of Georgia’s agriculture and food processors.

Category winners were:

· Meat & Seafood: Blue Marlin International LLC, Blue Marlin Brand American Shrimp;

· Snack Foods: Goodness Gracious! Granola Goodness Gracious! Granola ‘You Struck Gold’

· Dairy: CalyRoad Creamery Clouds of CalyRoad – Camembert

· Jams, Jellies & Sauces: Olive Affairs, Inc., Olive Affairs Gourmet Olive Tapenade

· BBQ & Hot Sauces: Savannah Bee Company, Grill Honey with No Drip Pump

· Confections: Lane Southern Orchards, Lane’s Fresh Peach Bread

· Other (Miscellaneous): Vidalia Valley Organic, Vidalia Onion Tomato Basil Dressing

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