February 28, 2009

What a Day!

It was an incredible way to end the month of February. Two of my new clients shared how much success they are enjoying in their food business sales! The picture is of my friend Steve Nelson and I after we enjoyed a marvelous seafood dinner on the island. He is assisting the growth of Dyson in their business channel. My latest Oncall 24/7 client called from the West Coast regarding our project and related how he wished we had begun working together months ago. He appreciates the speed and savings he is enjoying in growing his organic business! Another company just shared they had sold out in all stores using the promotion plan we put together and had surpassed their goals for 2009. We are now ramping-up with additional plans for new growth and expansion. They remind me of my days working with Keebler when I doubled the business every year in the region with some unusual programs and having a ton of fun. March should prove even better with two upcoming trips out of the country, possible work visit to Bosnia, and some exciting events to report on in the interim. (if you have any tourist hints for Bosnia like the newly discovered pyramids, please foward them onto tim@timforrest.com) Much continued success in your enterprises!
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