February 7, 2009

Grow your business with the right questions!

On Friday I received a note regarding the six questions in my Consumer Connections brochure available for free as a PDF download at http://www.thinkfreedocs.com/docs/popup.php?dsn=822265 • Who do you serve? Spend some time and think about your best customers, describe them, and how is it they came to be customers. • What are your numbers? For your business, are you regularly looking at your numbers and where the sales are coming from in your market planning. I had the opportunity last month to serve the planning needs of London based Dyson www.dyson.com/uk and the 2008 channel numbers assisted with the 2009 planning needs. Look at your sales, categorize them, and then focus on your power channels. • How are your numbers changing? When you have the numbers in a format and review, then you can see how they are changing and reacting to your actions or inaction. • How do you measure success? Its your business, what do you want to accomplish and measure it. • How many new customers were referred to your company? This past year almost all of my new business came from referrals. Think about the customers referred to your business and how they got there. Take action to grow your referrals. • What is your edge? What about your company makes you better, different, more competitive than the others? Write it down and incorporate it into your planning.
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