December 17, 2008

Its a Woman's World!

If your food product or establishment is not specifically a mans purchase, tilt it toward women.

In the book world, women account for almost 70% of all U.S. book sales. One reason any writer wants to get onto the Oprah Show and bookclub list is the number of women influenced by Oprah. If we consider that women make or influence 80% of all consumer-level purchases, then it follows that women's needs should have major influence over product design and marketing .

Translated: There's a strong chance that women are the primary decision-makers or influencers of the sales of your food product. Does your product or service speak to women? Is it designed with them in mind, knowing there's a greater likelihood they'll talk about it more than men? Do women have the power to decide how your product is designed and shelved at retail?

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