October 1, 2008

Tim is a consultant to company leaders, governments, and institutions worldwide.  He works directly and personally with a company’s owner, CEO, and leadership as a trusted peer and experienced visionary assisting with the creation of appropriate strategy, growth vehicles, and sound methods for taking companies to the next level and beyond.

Tim has worked with many of his clients for years and some approaching a decade.  As these companies have grown – in tandem with Tim’s involvement – his service, experience, and insight have become all the more valuable to growth.

While Tim is deeply involved with the success and growth of his long-standing client companies, his advice and counsel is available for new clients on as needed basis. He also is now offering three tiered service packages that smaller and start-up firms find beneficial: Advisor, Member, and VP packages. Tim offers an unprecedented range of services to assist leaders in the achievement of their goals including opportunity review, action planning, sales improvement, packaging strategy, retailer meeting preparation, program development, and marketing assessments.

  • Identifying Opportunities and Issues
  • Market Assessment and Program Review
  • Training, Coaching, and Crisis Leadership
  • Start-up Consulting and "Speed the Business Systems"
  • Development of Comprehensive 2010 Marketing Plans
  • A broad array of consulting abilities, including design guidance.
  • Objective advice and instructive market visits.
  • Arrangements for sales training, translation services, graphic design support, and other services.
  • Market Analysis and Social Marketing counsel.
  • Private Label Roadmaps, i.e. Presidents Choice process
  • Access to a huge independent sales network throughout the USA and Canada.
  • “Tim’s Counsel by the Hour” on an as needed basis.
In supporting his growing client companies, Tim’s ability to ramp-up and provide increased services is unprecedented and often provides effective, yet simple solutions for client companies.  

What actions are you taking to grow your business? Send a note or comments to tim@timforrest also, follow me on Twitter I want to hear about your success!

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