August 3, 2008

Serving a Need...

Opportunitys are here and now! In your neighborhood, on the restaurant menu, and within your current list of customers and products. Today, on your path there will be more than 10 food amazing business opportunitys for you to advance to success. Your awareness and vision is all that is required along with action on your part to bring about the necessary results. Kozy Shack started in a single delicatessen location and desserts grew into their primary business. There was no vision of building a rice pudding empire from the beginning - they happened upon the opportunity while serving their customers. I was fortunate to work with the founder of Terra Chips and Alexia Foods. The Terra Chip grew out of the excitement and acceptance of Alex's catering business. There are many, many, many, other food companys that started out with a focus other than what made them big. They happened upons opportunity while serving their customers.

Years ago, my tour of a grocery store lead to some of the best tasting tortilla chips I had ever experienced with a wonderful salsa from Garden Fresh Gourmet. Jacks family member was doing a sample demonstration of the great products and the rest is history. They later secured distribution in Kroger and Walmart and since they are producing Margaritaville Salsa. What started as a small family enterprise has grown to almost 300 employees.

And what about Nestle Stouffers Frozen Foods? They started with a single restaurant location and expanded into the Cleveland, Ohio suburb of Shaker Heights where they offered their items to customers their frozen entrees and side items for convenient home use at a later time. The volume of their takeout offerings grew so large they had to look for a larger prep facility and the Stouffers Frozen Dinner business took off by answering a need of customers.

A restaurant naturally offers the perfect place to test, refine, and develop food products that hit an unseen niche or opportunity. Looking back, it often seems the owner was a genius to see the opportunity and take advantage of this seemingly hidden opportunity. The truth is the opportunity often finds the restauranteur. He keeps having to re-order, re-stock, and make larger batches of a product for customers. The owner noticed this existing opportunity and was able to take action and grow with the flow of what was staring at him on a daily basis.

What opportunitys exist today and now in your repetoire of food products and recipes among the many you sell? Where are you having your best results and are you taking advantage of the opportunity to the fullest? You are surrounded daily with these opportunitys and it is your job to harvest the ideas, opportunitys, and recipes for all of us to enjoy.

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