July 31, 2008

Tim's Upcoming Speaking Events

The kids will be working on their new lessons soon and I am looking forward to getting back to the Atlanta area later in the month of August. I have been invited to speak on food marketing and sales at a couple of upcoming events.

Starting A Food Business in Georgia
Monday, August 25th
Zebulon, Georgia
Pike County Farm Bureau Building
Sponsored by Center for Agribusiness and Economic Development

And later in the week, you can catch me at in Atlanta sharing my insights, experiences, and comments on marketing, selling, and growing your Food Enterprise!

Georgia Agricultural Extension Meeting
Wednesday, August 27th
Fulton County Extension Office on Roswell Road
Sponsored by Center for Agribusiness and Economic Development

If you are coming to either of these two events, please drop me a line on any questions or ideas that you would like to have included in my part of the discussion.

For more details and registration, please visit the below link:

After the events, you can bet I will be home swimming and enjoying the beach with the kids.  Tonight we swam for more than two hours!
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