July 20, 2008

Five Package Ideas

Its all about the visual in retail where consumers are time-crunched, visually attacked, and private label is growing in market share in most categories. These five tips originate in published studies on breaking through shelf clutter and gaining sales at the point of purchase. OWN YOUR COLOR: Also referred to as "brand blocking," it can be a powerful tool when considering the entire category if you can find an unused color. Example: Coke and the color red. STAND OUT FROM COMPETITION: Shoppers view only about half the brands displayed in many categories. Failed new-product launches can often be blamed on poor packaging that blends into an existing category. BE DIFFERENT: If everyone's package is a box and tall, go for plastic, round, and short. Experts say structural innovations-unique shapes-are consistently strong in generating consideration. Example: POM juice package that is original and different from all other juice packaging. SHELF PLACEMENT: If you thought eye level was ideal, think again. Optimal shelf placement is at arm level and central within a product category. Studies also have shown products placed to the right of the dominant brand fare better. Why? Once shoppers find an initial focal point, they scan right and/or downward in a reading pattern. WHITE SPACE: Never overwhelm the shopper. Simplicity pays off when other brands and packages are cluttered. Too many messages mean important claims could be overlooked in the selling of your product. Great selling!
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