June 15, 2008

Questions to ask your Food Broker!

Thanks for the questions on food brokers!

Please find below a list of questions that can assist in working with food brokers on behalf of your food product.

Who are the major principals of your brokerage firm? By asking for a business and product portfolio, you will find out what products they are carrying now, and if you will become one of six main lines or one of sixty-six. You want to avoid a conflict of interest with existing products lines when possible.

Who are the largest retailers and/or foodservice accounts they work with?

Are there any items in the present product line that would be an advantage to our line or provide an experience base for our products?

Are there people in your broker organization familiar with my product category? If so, what is their experience?

Who would handle the account and what is that person's background? What accounts does that person have now?

What particular successes has he/she had in the last six months?

What has been your best selling and merchandising programs for performance in the last 12 months?

Who are the owners of the brokers firm and are there any immediate management plans, ownership changes expected or impending mergers?

Broker Account Coverage Listing 
Retail or Foodservice Account Name
Locations or Size
Broker Presentation Date
Marketing Opportunities and Costs

Marketing Fee's and Structure by account
(General Listing to Spur Conversation and Seek Information)
(Larger accounts might have a program document)
Category Review Schedule for account
see Publix Review Schedule - http://purchasing.publix.com/CategoryReview.aspx
Promotions Available?
Mandatory Price Reductions?
Mandatory Participation Programs?
Signage Costs?
Display Costs?
Advertising Costs?
Mandatory Advertising/Marketing Participation?
Mandatory Fees?
Distribution Fees?
Golf Tournaments?
Charity Events?
Other Fees?

Other Broker Info at link.

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