May 18, 2008

Entrepreur Growth and New Success!

Just returned from meetings in the Midwest and the discussion centered on current opportunitys, the market amid all of the soaring prices, and issues of the day.
The concensus is there is no better time for entrepreneurs and introduction of new ideas and products into the food industry. The focus on supplier prices, consolidations, and mergers keeps the big guys focused on a very narrow and existing marketplace. Their vision often does not include what is possible and what is unseen. This plays into your strength and ability.
At the same time, the consumer is bored with cookie-cutter approaches and the mundane sameness that many of the big companys are forced to continue pushing as they attempt to gear-up and keep production and numbers along with headcount at some level or pace.
Raising funds in this market is happening in this market! (we just raised an initial $200,000 for a concept) This slideshow offers insight into presentation success:
Have fun, try new things and ideas, and introduce innovative exciting quality products.
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