December 12, 2009

"Yes, I want to grow my business!"

I assist business growth and have found radical new markets and expanded existing markets by millions of dollars. For instance, we found a method to bypass the bid system in a large government facility and sell directly to the folks living and working in the complex. This became one of the most profitable and large accounts of this Texas division.
When investigating new opportunities for growth there are many tools and activitys that can help search for the path to success. The method that has worked for me is to visit the market, ask questions, and discuss with the team possible solutions and action plans. Our conversation will usually center on a basic strategic area and then grow from there. The below template of area's to investigate might assist as you process the areas you want to grow your company.  The below categories are from mentor Dr. Alan Weiss in growing your company.

Strategic Growth Opportunity Areas
1. What you sell. (Products/Services)
2. Who you sell to. (Markets Served)
3. Your intellectual capacity to create value. (Technology and Systems)
4. The way in which you sell. (Method and Channels)
5. The way in which you distribute value. (Method of distribution.)
6. The capacity to produce large volumes of value. (Production capability.)
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