August 16, 2008

Million Dollar Sales and Goals!

What goals do you have for your business and have you written them down or recorded them in some manner? I vividly recall several Million Dollar goals and achievements.
Selling $1 Million in a single year - accomplished about 20 years ago. When I started my own company more than a decade ago, this mark was surpassed in a matter of months.
Selling $1 Million in new business to a new account - the account is still buying after 15 years.
Selling $1 Million in new business on a single order - this achievement wrecked havoc for days with the supplier and now I prepare my clients for such triumphs. The order was so large the company could not handle with their ordering system all the individual truckloads associated with the single purchase.
Closing $1 Million in New Venture Funding - I have been fortunate to raise close to $2 million in venture funding for various projects but continue to work towards securing more than $1 million from a single source for various successful ventures.
Currently, I am working on a project that is expected to surpass $1 Billion in annual sales. This goal is larger and more involved than the goals of 20 years ago and much time is spent on the goal setting and action attainment planning. How are you planning to achieve your marketing and sales goals with your company? Having worked on projects or directly with half of the largest 10 food companys in the world it is imperative you choose a path for advancement.
Your success will be enlarged with written goals. Once your market goal is in place begin working on the action steps to reach your destination. Review your progress on a daily basis and if you have any questions, please send me a note.
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