April 6, 2008

Connect for Success and Sales

Does your retail business strategy sync up to your market positioning and brand strategy?

Working on a consumer product design and roll-out for the USA, it occurred that many of my efforts center on connecting the dots. We were discussing the various efforts, designs, physical product attributes, colors, packaging, and placement. Repeatedly, my comments kept bringing the manufacturer back to the customer and their consumer needs, and creation of stimulus triggers to connect product marketing efforts to the actual product which was not being considered.

This conversation happens repeatedly with manufacturers and very talented individuals that are extrememly skilled and talented at creation of wonderful products. They are so involved with their 'baby' or product roll-out they spend little time thinking about the needs of the consumer and efforts to finish the CONNECTION and get into the consumers hands for takeaway and a sale.

Retailers, Links, Tastes, Smells, Textures, Connections, Signs, Colors, Sounds and Displays afford consumers triggers to connect advertising and marketing events to your products at retail. Impact is added to promotions when these elements are considered an important componet in any marketing effort that connect the creativity of design with the reality of the retail location and consumers perspective.
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