December 6, 2007

One Facing is Never Enough

One facing of your product among the 1000's of new and current products in your new grocery account is not enough to carry the day. You will be agonizing over sales figures, wondering why they are not buying, thinking about methods to improve sales,receiving emails and calls from consumers that cannot find your product, and considering BOGO's and other extraordinary idea's for new customer trials and repeats. Forget it...your product needs presence to attract the attention of shoppers running to get home and get out of the store. You need an end-cap display, you need signage, you need enough product on the shelf to take advantage of any marketing activity you might perform and you definitely need the product in the store. Is your product on the shelf of every location and are you in the right location? Which channel can support and nurture the best growth for your product and category?
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