September 16, 2008

Brands Drive Success!

When raising funds for your company and seeking new consumers for your products consider that Strong Brands will leverage your acceptance. Yes, Investors and Buyers favor Strong Brands. In many cases, the brand will be the only remaining distinction between your product and services and those of other companys. If you are pioneering a product (first to market) the success of your new and innovative design will invite copycats and competitors. When the others are working to duplicate your recipe, formula, and product; it is your Brand that cannot be duplicated. The bigger your success, particularly in grocery, the larger your competitors will become. And thanks to scanning technology and IRI at retail, your sales will be broadcast farther and louder than you might suspect. This reinforces the importance of your Brand. Brand Name and Trade Dress are among the few elements which can be owned and legally protected. "The future of consumer goods marketing belongs to the companies with the strongest brands." CEO, Phillip Morris
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