December 10, 2007

How are you telling your story?

While Christmas Shopping this weekend at the mall...I noticed a Giant Poster in the perfume section about some new exotic perfume and its story. The display included a silk cloth and other exquisite pieces around this perfume bottle and it took up a large space. Have you noticed the large perfume stands at the entrances to the big Mall stores? They are large area's to tell their story of the wonderful products that have all kinds of benefits and attributes for you the consumer. The booths have uniformed technicians servicing and selling the latest and greatest smell good products. The question that occurred to me is "how are you telling your story to your consumers? It is vital that you have a method and componet to tell and share your products story. As I mentioned earlier, a single facing in a retail store makes it difficult to share anything with potential consumers. Your brand will have a story and how will you share it with others?
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