October 21, 2009

Internal Change - the most valuable driver of results!

The Waffle House is one of the most profitable foodservice chains in the world. Your efforts can be similarly rewarded by connecting your talent, creativity, and product to business returns.
It is amazing so many managers, owners, and people think they are focusing on growing their business when in reality they are hiding from the things that can help them grow. If you visited a Waffle House restaurant location in the past year and remember a prior visit visit two years ago or even 20 years back - very little has changed from a visitors perspective. The tables, architecture, grill, and overall scheme of the restaurant is almost unchanged from the initial locations started in the 50's. There changes are focused and linked to the performance of their locations on the business and not the latest fad or creative impulse. The efforts are linked to better satisfying the business cofers in a controlled and dedicated manner. They expect and inspect on their investments of time, effort, and money. The return they are seeking is one of sales, cash flow, and profits. In order to continue with an effort, they are seeking rewards from customers to continue the process as they start small and ramp up with incremental and often internal changes. For an internal example and unlikely noticed by any customer of Waffle House - they have taken a year of 52 weeks and converted to a 45 week calendar. In other words, Waffle House employees work 6 days and then are off for two days which translates into a gain for Waffle House of 7 extra weeks per employee! How are you connecting your growth iniatives and strategies with business return? Are you being rewarded for your initial efforts and new business opportunities? If you do something, is it paying you a profit for your effort? Take action - recognize and record your market result.
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