January 9, 2009

Give your company a $ 250,000 Marketing Boost in 2009!

Take your exports to new heights in 2009! Trade shows for as little as 15% of the cost, meetings with foreign buyers, promotions featuring your products internationally, a branded reimbursement program. I have had success selling food products around the world and there is an organization that helps food and agricultural producers and distributors target potential overseas markets and assists their marketing efforts by administering federal funds for international market development. Southern United States Trade Association

Your company can request in the first year (a new to export company that has never participated) up to $ 25,000 and the maximum amount that a returning participant may request is $ 250,000!

Let me know and I can send you pdf's of the application and information if you are in the Southeastern United States. Outside of the Southeast - I will provide you direction on the appropriate group to contact for your funding.
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